Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18, 2009

I'm finding myself fascinated by daffodils . . .

After a long gloomy winter, these bright yellow flowers are one of the first spots of color, bursting forth from the decay of a past season.

I'm not normally a "yellow" person, but I believe the color is growing on me.

and it photographs so well!

I think Eli, Elvis and Freckles would agree that yellow is a pretty special color.

*Note: I finished cleaning the bathroom, the kitchen, and vacuumed the stairs. Plus I got the doors put up on all the cabinets in the addition. My plan for tomorrow (during Eli's nap time, of course) is to clean all those cabinets in the addition and start moving things from the existing bathroom, into our master bath. I'm getting closer . . . one baby step at a time!

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