Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 4, 2009

After I got Bayleigh off to school, Eli spent a leisurely morning watching television, while I cleaned off my desk and paid bills.

He soon got bored and climbed up on his little table to snag a scrapbook. This is why I scrapbook!

After Bayleigh got home from school, I took her grocery shopping with me. We did some "creative shopping" and ended up adding some Silly Putty in with the crayons and colored pencils . . .

then we headed to the town square for an impromptu photo shoot . . .

I think we both had fun! I forced myself out of my comfort zone today, by taking my camera out in public, and snapping away. One of the shop owners was closing up, and she came out and helped me find some good angles to shoot from! Thanks Jan!

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