Friday, May 15, 2009

May 11, 2009

Monday's are ALWAYS crazy around here. A plethora of laundry, dishes, picking up, taking out the trash and vacuuming.

My little girl is such a sweetie. She picked this pretty iris for me today (THE ONLY YELLOW ONE IN THE BATCH!). Maybe someday I can explain to her that I'd rather see them growing outside the window, rather than withering away in a vase inside the house.

And after I'd washed all the bedding and caught up on laundry, I came in our bedroom to put the duvet on the bed, and caught Mr. Elvis smack dab in the middle of my clean sheets. Apparently I'm not the only one in the house who appreciates clean sheets.

I ended up having to wash Bayleigh's bedding TWICE. You see, my sister-in-law came up to the house, so I could help her paint signs for the Cross Timbers Fun Day event on the 23rd of May. Bayleigh and Kasey ended up playing in Bayleigh's freshly cleaned, freshly laundered room, while Eli "helped" me paint signs out in the garage. When I came in, Bayleigh and Kasey had apparently been jumping on the mattress on the floor (where Bayleigh sleeps for the time being, since she doesn't like her bunk bed) with dirty feet, there was a huge bowl of Cheetos in the middle of the bed, the girls both had drinks sitting on the hardwood floor (Bayleigh had spilled a full glass all over the floor already), and they were both coloring on the sheets with markers (thank heavens they were the washable kind). I swear I can't turn my back for a minute!

While I was waiting for her bedding to dry, the second time around, I decided to snap a family portrait for my L.O.A.D. layout. I finally got everyone to bed and finished up my layout about 10:30. What a day!

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