Friday, May 22, 2009

May 20, 2009

Bayleigh's last day of school was today. She had a short day, and only went until 11:30. I'm SO glad school is out for the summer!

After Dave got home from work, he took her down to the creek to catch crawdads and they also brought back some HUGE tadpoles. (One had even started growing it's legs!) They are all now housed in a big tub out by the garden, and Bayleigh likes to go out and check on them first thing in the morning. I hate to break it to her . . . but one morning she's going to go out to check on them and they will be gone.

Eli is still running a temp and not acting up to par, but I'm hoping he feels better tomorrow. All the planning and phone calls for this weekends Fun Day event is starting to wear on me. I'm pooped! And I don't like to wish my time away, but I can't wait until Saturday is over with. I need some serious rest.

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  1. Hey Kyla...just popped over to your blog to see what's happening and I find your kids are off school ALREADY. No fair :-). Love your pic ....all that wonderful bokeh in the background is delicious