Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 13, 2009

We've moved the bed and one dresser from our old bedroom, into our new master bedroom downstairs. My little dark cubby of a scrapbooking space, in the corner of our old bedroom can now be expanded into the whole bedroom! So I've started a sorting process of sorts . . .

and although it looks like a tornado has struck . . . I DO have a system going on here!

Tomorrow I plan on sorting all my pattern paper and cardstock . . . and seeing if I can get some more done on the addition, so I can move these dressers and clothing to their new locations.

As much as I hate posting these types of messy/bad housecleaning photos . . . it's just part of the process. I'm keepin' it real folks! And our old bedroom just happened to be my dumping grounds . . . can you tell?!

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