Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 8, 2009

Finally got these little guys moved to the basement. They were beginning to get a little rank upstairs in our bathroom . . .

Right after lunch, Dave took Eli fishing, while I worked on the addition. (*The master bedroom is almost complete! All I have left is painting the door to the deck and touching up a few spots with Swampwater green!)

Bayleigh had a 3:30 doctor's appointment, so we picked her up after school. And after her appointment we headed south to Springfield, to pick up closet systems and chain link fence from Lowes. It'll be nice for the kids to have a fenced in play area this summer.

We ate supper at Golden Corral, and came out to this beautiful sunset . . .

It was another late night, but I've survived to record it! Life is good!

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