Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 24, 2009

The before . . .

and after of it all . . .

I've donated my hair to the Locks of Love program every two years since 1999. For someone like me, who isn't very spontaneous, this is a pretty big event every two years.

Poor Eli didn't know WHAT to think when mommy came home with short hair.

*NOTE* My little brother is a cancer survivor. He's been in remission for almost 4 years now. Although I can't donate millions of dollars to find a cure, I can give something of myself to the cause. A few hours of my time, a few dollars here and there, a foot of hair to boost someone's morale . . . and in turn give them a glimmer of hope. If you can, I hope you'll join me.

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  1. That's WONDERFUL!!! You go girl! You look beautiful before and after and now you'll be allowing someone else to feel beautiful!!