Friday, October 23, 2009

October 23, 2009

Another overcast day! The sun did manage to peek out for a few seconds before lunch time . . .

but then it commenced to rain the rest of the afternoon. Since Bayleigh was off school today, I decided to treat the kids to a trip to the library. Bayleigh played "hopscotch" on the alphabet rug . . .

and found some of her favorite style books . . .

while Eli did some exploring of his own.

I checked out two books for each of the kids, two movies, and even managed to squeeze in a few seconds to pick out two books for me! YAY! A good day indeed!


  1. Hey, I *just* discovered your P365 blog! Great pictures!

  2. Thanks Shirley! This is the down and dirty of it all, so be fore-warned. lol