Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 27, 2009

As I was getting Bayleigh ready for school this morning, I just happened to look out on the deck, and spotted these . . .

Freckles had moved her kittens some time ago and I figured she'd probably just lost them. However, I was mistaken. And a little while later I went outside and there was a THIRD. She must have just brought them for a short visit, because she took them back "home" sometime in the afternoon. I can't wait until she brings them back for another visit. Little kittens are just so cute and cuddly!

I scrambled through the housework, and managed to get everything done before Bayleigh got off the bus. As soon as she stepped off the bus, I was caught in a whirlwind of getting the kids ready to go to the Spooktacular. Dave had clinicals in Bolivar and I just met up with him there, then we took my Jeep south to meet up with his parents. However, on the way down, we ended up having a flat tire, and had to go back to switch out the vehicles at the clinic. In the interim, Dave's parents decided not to wait for us, so we ended up minus two at the event.

Bayleigh and I braved the haunted maze . . .

and the kids posed with Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Then we dug for buried treasure . . .

and came up with a handful of bones.

Bayleigh and Eli also enjoyed a round of ring toss, and it was so fun to watch their expressions.

We all had a wonderful time, but it was good to finally head home (after a stop at Lowes and another at Wal-Mart). I guess we'll meet up with Dave's folks on Thursday. I'm sure the kids will enjoy another trip through the Spooktacular, and maybe we can go without incident next time around.

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