Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 10, 2010

Today I'm thankful for the ability to keep my cool.  Apparently my sister-in-law has come up with a way to place her own child's bad behavior squarely upon my oldest's shoulders.  The two girl's actually got to play with each other a few times this weekend, at grandma's house, and since then, Stacey has repeatedly told me how mouthy my child was.  When I asked grandma how the two girls had gotten along, she told me they got along like they normally do . . . with Kasey (my neice) being "the boss", and Bayleigh trying to hold her own.  Bayleigh acted perfectly fine when she came home, and grandma said in the particular instance that Stacey keeps bringing up, that Bayleigh hadn't been mouthy at all, so I'm inclined to think the problem lies in the other court, although I don't deny that my little girl can be sassy at times.  (But that is saved exclusively for me.  Aren't I lucky?!)  If I'm reminded one more time about how mouthy my child is, you can make sure it will be nipped in the bud.  Ehem . . .

And now on to more pleasant things . . .

like a frosty sunrise.  (F.Y.I. ~ I don't advise running outside in near arctic temperatures in your pj's, just to get a few shots of the sunrise, a very wise thing to do.  Put on a coat and hat (and GLOVES)  for heaven's sake!)

I ended up having Kasey and Bayleigh, and Eli and Cole for Sunday School class this morning.  It's almost ALWAYS chaotic when all four of them are in the same tiny classroom.  Getting anything to stick in their little heads would indeed take a miracle.

When we got home from church, I had truly hoped to get to FOCUS on a nap, but the kids had other plans.  Eli didn't take his nap until around 4:00 p.m., so I just made myself take the first steps needed to get our bedding washed and three laundry baskets full of clothes put away.

Aw well . . . I can sleep when I'm dead.  RIGHT?! 

I'm hoping to get the kids to bed early, so I can get some much needed rest before we start back to school in the morning.  We have a heat wave heading our way and we may even get above freezing by Tuesday or Wednesday!  WHOOWHOO!  Something to look forward to!


  1. Kyla~ Sounds like your Sister in Law is acting out herself. Most do this to the one person they feel the safest with. Is this the same one going through some troubled times right now? She may be just focusing some of her frustration from other things onto something she has just built up from nothing. This is common with a very close friend of mine. I just have to remind her that kids are kids, and there are always three sides to a story. I have, at more times than I like, had to make the comment "well, if things are so bad with our kids, and mine is such a bad influence on yours, then perhaps they should just avoid being around one another" and " Honey, I do not correct your children, I really am not sure why you feel you can correct mine. After all, they are under adult supervision. If the adult (Grandma, Aunt, Teacher) did not seem to hear anything in appropriate, then perhaps things were taken out of context".... But my favorite comment " Isn't it amazing how the boys act the same! It is like they are twins or something. We should both talk to them in private". The last one shuts her down ALL the time. Not that my kids are innocent, they are taught to be verbal and to speak up, but to do so appropriately and respectfully. I could go on and on.
    And, perhaps Satan is using this to cause a division between the two of you. Don't let him get the upper hand, and stand by your daughter.... always... even if she does get a bit mouthy. How you handle that is YOUR choice, and no one needs to but in.
    Just a few thoughts... hope I didn't overstep here...
    Hugs! Amanda

  2. Let kids be kids and parents shouldn't fight over kids for no good reason.

    Be patient and try to solve this situation as adults. I know it would be very hard if the other side is not behaving as one.

    Now to the pictures, I love the way you take us through your daily stuff.. Great concept!

  3. Love your photos, especially the first one.

  4. I love the shot of the bible! Hope you had a nice bible study!

  5. I enjoyed the shot of the bible the most! I hope you had a great bible study!

  6. Thank you all for the input! It's greatly appreciated. I've decided to just keep my mouth shut, unless the subject is brought up again by my sister-in-law. If it comes up again, I'll just tell her the problem has been solved and my child isn't allowed to play with hers, because she is such a bad influence on hers. I don't think this is fair for the kids, but they're in the same class at school, and can play together all day, without parental interference. ;)

    Amanda~ Yes . . . this is the one who is going through difficult times right now. I'm sure it will pass, when she needs someone to talk to. She's pretty much an emotional roller coaster right now and goes from one extreme to the other within short periods of time. She has a large burden on her shoulders . . . but I think time will take care of it. All I can do is pray for her. (And you're not overstepping your bounds a bit! lol)

    Hassan and J.J.S. ~ Thanks for the feedback on the photos. I often wonder what people could find interesting in my daily and mundane life . . . and yet each day is special and holds something new to discover! Sometimes it's the ordinary and mundane that becomes extraordinary. ;)

  7. That first picture is definitely frame-able! If I took it I would certainly blow it up and hang it on my wall!