Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3, 2010

Today I'm grateful for snow . . .

(which I reserve the right to gripe about in a few days when there seems to be no end in sight.)

It gives me a new perspective to view through my lens . . .

and to me, it's a more visible form of rain, which God cleanses the earth with each Spring.

It holds the promise of something new . . .

and joy unspeakable.

It makes people do silly things . . .

like lay down on the cold ground, in artic temperatures, just to make a snow angel;

or "clean off" the slide, for a few quick trips around the bend.

And it apparently makes the male species drag out their shovels, to clear a path. 

Ahhhh yes . . . we're back to this.  Just label me the president of the procastinator's club.  I DID move it closer to the garage, but somehow I must have gotten side-tracked and it didn't actually make it's way INSIDE the garage.

Just so you know.  My "one little word" for 2010 is FOCUS.  Maybe I'll get this little wagon and it's buddies put in the garage before Spring.

Today my focus was on finishing up the dishes, LAUNDRY and spending time with the kids in the great outdoors.  I do believe I exceeded my expectations today.  It sure does feel good.


  1. Your photos are GREAT! I love the one with the flip flops and snow--irony! This project is fun so far. Now that vacation is over, I have a feeling it will get a bit tougher for me... Good to follow you!

  2. Love the shots of the kids in the snow! Looks as though you had a very blessed day with the family. I have a question on posting photos I hope you could help me with. Your photos are spread between the writing, with appropriate comments under each one. I tried to do this, but somehow I just get my pictures all clumped together in a line. Am I making sense? How do you separate them?
    Thanks Kyla. And thank you so much for helping me with starting my blog! I can not tell you how much it means to me.
    Blessings~ Amanda