Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19, 2010

Today I am so thankful to see a little light at the end of the tunnel.  This cleaning binge I've been on has definitely taken it's toll on me, but I have reclaimed so much more TIME, by doing this.  I can now look around and see CLEAN, instead of CLUTTER; and with a little maintenance time each day I can keep it clean, instead of letting it pile up and it taking another month off of my life, to clean it all back up.  I'm finding time each day to spend with the kids, and even a little time for myself. 

Right now I'm working on my "retreat".  That huge stack of papers I was sorting through yesterday, has been sorted and purged within an inch of it's life.  If I didn't absolutely LOVE it, it hit my ever growing purge pile.  (*I'll be doing a giveaway over at my "REAL" blog sometime soon, if you're interested in any paper crafting paraphernalia.)

And as I was thinking ahead to my next project, I came up with this SUPER functional idea to hold my alphabet stickers and such.  I took an old curtain rod and attached it between my cubes.  I was hesitant to actually drill holes in my storage cubes, but I had high hopes that I wouldn't tear things up too badly.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  (And yes . . . I borrowed my hubby's orange Snap On screwdriver again.  I think I'm just going to keep it in my desk drawer until he misses it.)

We headed to the library late this afternoon and one of the ladies was setting up a computer in the kid's area.  (Don't you just LOVE this keyboard?!)

Bayleigh was the lucky girl who got to be first in line to test it.

When we finished checking out books and movies, we headed to the grocery store, and when we came back out, it has started raining.  I caught this street light, across from the grocery store, from inside the Jeep.  I liked how the drops of rain stood out like little white stars on a canvas of inky night.

I'm eager to get back to organizing my retreat, but it can wait until tomorrow.


  1. My favorite is your key board! Where on earth did you get a bright and cheerful one like that?!?!?!? I want one!!

  2. okay... the library has it! I went back through and read!! THAT IS AWESOME THO!

  3. love everything about these!! and of COURSE my fav is the COLORFUL KEYBOARD;)

  4. What a busy lady you are.

    I love the story behind your photos and my favorite would be the keyboard, but it surpasses the rest with just 1 percent ;)

  5. Ok. I'm a little jealous of how organized you are. LOL!!
    Looks great!! Beautiful job!