Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 4, 2010

Today I was grateful for all the things I checked off my to-do list, and time spent with my family. 

I was so glad to see the beautiful sunrise this morning, even if it did look like it belonged in the sub-arctic.

I spent the morning of my 37th birthday doing laundry, dishes and scrubbing fly specks off of the kitchen ceiling.  (My arms are going to be hurting tomorrow!) . . .

And around 11:30, I headed into town to get my driver's license renewed.  (Oh JOY!  Another mug shot.)

When I got back home, I grabbed the mail, cleaned off the top of the refridgerator, and then went sledding with the family (in negative wind chill digits).

Eli made me ride down with him and I took a BUNCH of photos on the way down, moving at warp speed.

I think this one of Eli at the bottom was my favorite.

And of course, while I was out freezing my franny off, I had to get some snow/nature shots! 

We finally made it back to the house to warm up, and then Bayleigh and I went through some more of the clothes in her closet.  I'm hoping we finally make it through the rest tomorrow!

My dear sweet hubby made pizza for supper and baked me a cake.  And since he didn't have enough candles, he did it this way:  34+1+2.  Hey . . . whatever works, honey. 

School was cancelled, due to bad road conditions today, and it looks like we'll have another snow day tomorrow. Bayleigh is NOT going to want to go back to school if she's out much longer . . . and I'm not going to WANT her to go back.  She's been a pretty good helper, during her time away from school.

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  1. Happy birthday! Love the cake candles. Very smart and thoughtful hubby. :)