Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18, 2010

Today I was thankful for Monday.  A fresh start to a new week. 

A foggy morning . . .

with the sun trying it's best to break through;

Plants hanging heavy with dew . . .

that were prettier than any jewels.

We live in a strange area.  One week we're in the negative digits with 6 inches of snow and the next, we're wearing short sleeves and tromping through the mud.

My little guy was busy this morning, too.

I swear the kid can tear up ANYTHING.  But as this photo shows . . . apparently he has his purposes in doing so.  He took the wheels off of his semi, and used them to make a "bigger" train.  I can't say the child isn't creative!  And speaking of creative . . .

today I focused on my retreat.  And I started out with my 12x12 papers.

I worked most of the day on a pile that measured approximately 1 foot 4 inches.  I'm ALMOST done.  Another hour and I should have them all in color order and filed away in their appropriate places.  WHEW!  I've also lost at LEAST four inches off the pile, by purging.  Is that angels I hear singing in the background?

Well . . . hubby probably doesn't think so at this point.  He decided to let Bayleigh use her face paint on him, while he worked on his homework.  I don't believe a lot of homework got done at this stage in the painting.  All I can say is . . . I'm glad it was him and not me!


  1. I really want to comment you for these wonderful photos. Every single one of them can be my favorite. I like them all.

    There's a lot of improvement in your photographs. You go girl!!! Good job!

  2. Very agreed with Hassan. These are all great posts! I love the fog! It worked in your favor!

  3. Kyla - love your photos in the fog. Can't wait to see what you create in your retreat!