Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 26, 2010

Today I'm thankful for a long nap.  The last few days I've just been wiped out and unmotivated.  Of course, it could be, that I've just been putting off sorting the rest of the memorabilia . . .

So I started off the morning by changing the horizontal shelves that hold my cardstock, into vertical.  I think this will be much more user friendly.  It didn't take very long to switch around, so I procrastinated some more and cleaned off the table top . . .

and sorted more books, and teenie tiny embellishments. 

Once I got all that put away, there really wasn't anything else left to do, but dig in . . .

I have things as far back as my great-grandparents . . .

so I've been using this clear lidded file box to sort things by person, and then each person by decade (or milestones).

For example, toward the front, is my immediate family.  Dave, myself, Bayleigh and Eli.  And then I moved on to parents, grandparents, and at the back are some items from my great-grandparents.  In my own file, I've broken it down from birth through high school, then another file for college, then a file for "the dating years" for hubby and I, another for our wedding, and then another for family.  I know that's a lot of break down, but if I'm looking for something in particular, I can find it almost immediately.

I'm sure that my work on this is only beginning.  (I still have a good portion of the spare bedroom to tackle.)  But at least I've got a start!  I have a few more piles to go through in my retreat, and then I'll start working on the spare bedroom.  I won't be meeting my self imposed deadline, but at least I've kept up a forward momentum!

As for the rest of my day . . . Eli was HORRENDOUS.  I'm glad he's feeling better, but GOOD GRIEF!  He sabotaged everything I did today, and was VERY disobedient.  I let him push, but only so far.  He has continued to push right up against "the line" all day, and I'm worn out from disciplining him.  His little "time-out" chair got a lot of use this evening, and the television got a much needed rest. Tomorrow just HAS to be better!

Oh yeah . . . Dave broke one of the back wheels off the truck, on the way back home from cutting wood.  Guess we'll have to assess the damages tomorrow.

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  1. After following you for some time, I really believe you need the extra nap once on a while.

    Love the shot of the cards the most!