Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21, 2010

Today I'm thankful for the opportunity to help out others and the environment at the same time!  I volunteered to take my turn at picking up the neighborhood recycling, and dropping it off at the local pick-up spot.

And since I was already going to be in town, I loaded up a few bags of Bayleigh's outgrown clothing for my friend Nicole.  I'm glad to get them out of the house, and in a way, it's another form of recycling. 

On the way to drop everything off, I spotted these bright colors against all the rainy gloom, so on my way back home, I pulled off on the shoulder of the road and snagged a few shots.

(*I know people must think I'm nuts, standing out in the rain on the side of the road taking pictures . . . but I really don't care.  Now if I could just get the same attitude when I go into the "big" town; maybe I could capture some really interesting things. I'm just a LOT selfconscious about taking pictures of total strangers.  I mean what if somebody came up and (heaven forbid) confronted me about it?!)

When I got back home, I focused on cleaning out all the little plastic drawers for my embellishment cubby . . .

and the drawers from the cart mom snagged for me at a garage sale.

I've been sorting everything by color, but my eyes were feeling the strain today, so I just piddled a little here, sorted a little there, and decided to start accessorizing my retreat a little.

I bought this old portable Remington typewriter at (you guessed it!) a garage sale for $5.00.  It's in excellent working order and it's fun photo fodder.  I could take LOTS of pictures of this guy. 

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  1. I'm impressed at your ability to do tons of things in one single day.

    I wish I could be able to put on an attitude and take photos of everything and everyone, but I share the say habit of being shy with you.

    I think we just have to give it a try and when confronted, talk ourselves out of the problem, and "delete" is just a button away from trouble.

    The truck photo is very impressive (my favorite) for today.