Saturday, September 5, 2009

September 1, 2009

I've started a new project for the month of September. I'll be keeping a journal and taking a photo of the sunrise each morning. I'm attempting this in an effort to be more present. So to start off September, here's my first sunrise . . .

Today was a busy day of running errands and trying to get back before Bayleigh gets off the bus. I went out to let the chickens out right before we left and stumbled across this . . .

still forming, growing, and soaking up nutrients. Something I would have otherwise never have given a second thought in photographing somehow looked magical this morning.

Dave slept on the trip down, so I made a side trip to Justice Jewelers to have my wedding ring checked and cleaned. I'm sure they were wondering if I painted houses for a living. My ring was completely caked with paint of various colors.

After we finished up there, we headed to Macy's for a wedding gift for Dave's brother. Eli and I made several trips up and down on the escalator while Dave was using the facilities . . .

And I loved the colors of this display! Even if they DIDN'T have them lined up in the correct order.

We buzzed through the mall and I made a sashay through Victoria's Secret, then we were off to the bike shop again.

I think I've decided on a Trek Mountain Bike, but at $690, I think we'll wait until we get back from Michigan . After the bike shop we ran through Lowe's to pick up my trim, and then we headed back North for Dave's dentist appointment with a short stop at Wal-Mart along the way. While he was at the dentist's office, Eli and I stopped by the Scrap Nook to pick up a few goodies, then it was back to pick up Dave and then a quick run through the park.

What a whirlwind! Unfortunately the day wasn't over for me . . .

when I got home I had a call needing me to help my brother and sister-in-law haul hay. I finally made it in after supper. It felt good to finally crawl in bed.

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