Friday, September 11, 2009

September 10, 2009

Tuesday I was starting to come down with a sinus thing and yesterday you could have fried an egg on my head. So when Eli woke up vomiting this morning, I seriously thought about postponing our early eye appointment, since the two of us were feeling slightly under the weather.

However, since Eli had only vomited once and was running full steam, I figured he'd just eaten something that might have disagreed with him. Boy was I wrong! On the way down for our appointment, I had to jump over the front seat and into the back of the Jeep to find something for him to get sick in. At the optometrists office, he ended up getting sick twice, still going full steam mind you, and I thought for sure he was through.

I decided that while Dave was still in the office getting his eyes checked, I'd take Eli on out to the car. We ended up taking a little side trip up to the top floor, on the elevator because Eli just didn't want to stop riding, and I didn't want him to make himself sick (again), over missing an elevator ride.

Luckily, after the trip to the top, I finally got him out to the car and Dave came out shortly afterward. We made a quick trip to the ER to pick up a "baggie", and I drove home, while Dave sat in the back with Eli.

When we got home, Dave went back to bed and Eli continued to vomit until late afternoon. He finally fell asleep on my lap right before Bayleigh got home off the bus.

I'm pretty much feeling like death warmed over and I'm hoping some medication and some sleep come my way very soon.

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  1. Oh my goodness. Hope you all are feeling better and well rested soon!!