Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 14, 2009

Another gorgeous one! I've only had a few cloudy mornings this month, where I've just got a bleak gray background. I much prefer a little splash of color in the mornings!

Dave worked on the spigot out by the garden this morning. Eli was going to help, but fell asleep on the couch before they even got started. Poor little guy is just exhausted from being sick all week.

Since I came down sick last week, I've fallen behind in my "retreat" preparations. On top of being sick, I can see why I didn't want to tackle this one (AT ALL). Procrastination of a nasty job, but it had to be done.

File cabinets emptied, desk cleared off, computer unhooked . . . UGH! But I finally just made the conscious effort to do it. I had Dave help me carry "Big Bertha" upstairs, and I'm hoping to get it ready to paint tomorrow, after I clean up some of this mess and get my computer set back up. Wish me luck . . . and lots of it!

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