Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 26, 2009

Today was the big day . . . but before all the festivities started, the "kids" watched Shrek in 3D.

Then it was time to get the little princess, Eli and myself ready for the wedding.

We arrived at the Country Club, to find the beautiful bride, enjoying the company of her mother, grandmother, maid of honor, and the rest of her female entourage.

As much as I'd have liked to get a cute picture of the little flower girl (my oldest), she dodged me at every opportunity . . .

However, I DID capture a few unguarded moments.

I also caught the groom whispering something into his mother's ear as they were all gathered around before the wedding . . .

and I snatched up this picture of my two favorite guys in the world.

I must say that my hubby looks mighty fine . . . with that contemplative look on his face.

My little guy on the other hand, was about as elusive as his sister. I'd hoped to get a super cute picture of the kids all dressed up, in their finery, with smiles on their faces, looking directly into my lens. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

After the wedding, everyone headed upstairs for the reception. The toasts to the newly wedded couple were very sweet . . .

And the meal was wonderful. I just wish that Eli hadn't fallen asleep in his plate, and missed dessert. The cake was WAY yummy.

After the meal . . . the real fun began. Everybody jumped out on the dance floor, and shook what their momma's gave them.

And the kids got to let off some steam . . .

So did the newlyweds.

I dare say that everyone there had a good time celebrating the union these two lovebirds. Wishing them a long and happy life together. Congratulations you two.

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