Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 23, 2009

We had a trip to the dentist for both kids today. It was Eli's first trip. He was thoroughly enamoured of the "chair" and all those cool "tools" . . .

and thankfully both kids came away cavity free.

Have I ever mentioned that my oldest has used the "facilities" in every location in a tri-county area? What is it with kids and bathrooms, anyhow?! Of course I have to hold all the goods, so she can go potty . . . even balloons aren't an exception.

After we finished up at the dentist's office, we headed to Pier One, and I used my gift certificate from Christmas toward a new rug for the dining room. Then it was on to the Oriental restaurant next door . . . I thought the reflection off the table was kind of cool, so I snapped a few pictures. The waitress probably thought I was some nut . . . but I'm glad I stepped out of my zone and took them. It made for a pretty unique looking photo.

Bayleigh was getting pretty tired by the time we finished eating, and I was pretty pooped myself! But we headed on to Bass Pro, picked up my hubby's desk from the furniture warehouse, then made our way North to Dairy Queen, with a quick finish at Wal-Mart.

When I got home, my mom, Colette and I moved all the garage sale stuff out to the garage for pricing, while Dave took the kids to the creek . . . I've never SEEN so much STUFF in my LIFE! Hope I can get rid of some of it this weekend.

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