Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10, 2010

Today I'm thankful for a leisure day.  A day in which my cleaning was quickly accomplished and the rest was left for FUN.

I decided to drag out these lemons and get a picture of them before they turned into lemonade . . .

Then Eli and I headed outside to do some yard work.

Guess who found the first mud hole?

After he stomped . . .

and splashed the puddle dry;

he headed for the faucet to clean off (AND make ANOTHER mud hole).  I swear . . . all it takes to make this boy happy is dirt and water.

While he was busy playing in the mud, I stacked wood, and cleaned the area around the wood splitter.  I'm hoping to get this all cleaned up this month and get rid of all that wood stacked up, which reminds me of an already too long Winter.

After Bayleigh got home, I brought out the lemons again;

cut them all up;

and proceeded to let the children take over.  (*And yes . . . Eli has a very sharp knife that was quickly confiscated.  The kid is like a magnet and he attracts everything he's NOT supposed to play with.)

Bayleigh took a turn . . .

and Eli and I finished up.

Our first batch of hand squeezed lemonade of the year.  I must say it tasted marvelous!

We've had thunderstorms all afternoon and it's looking like tonight we're in for some more.  Hoping the tornado weather holds off for a little longer though. 

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  1. Someone (Eli) is really having fun while the other (Kyla) will have to do the laundry once again. I wonder how you're going to get rid of the stains ;).

    Its nice seeing the kids helping out!