Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 15, 2010

Today I'm thankful for good books.  After we finished up with the taxes . . .

Eli and I headed to the library, while Dave headed off to do more clinicals.

I pulled into the space next to this vehicle full of dogs and thought it was pretty comical.  One in the driver's seat and one in the passenger seat.  The one in the driver's seat reminded me of an older gentleman, who has learned over the years to block out his female partner, who nags and yaps incessently.  They were quite a pair and I couldn't resist a photo.

I checked out plenty of books.  I find that I read in binges.  I go for long stints of time without the time or opportunity to settle into a good book, but then my mind and body rebel against my strict routines and I finally give in to the intoxication of a good book (or five).  Thankfully it doesn't last more than a few days . . . the housecleaning and organization suffer while I'm on these reading binges, but in some way, they invigorate, inspire and motivate me to jump back in and get things moving again.  At least after I recouperate from the "reading hangover". 

And yes . . . I love a good romantic suspense.  Deep down I'm a romantic at heart, but the suspense keeps me reading until the end.

So the house is going to get trashed, and I'll start the cleaning process again in a few days.  Everybody has their quirks and addictions.  Mine just happens to be photography and books. 

So if my posting is sporadic, you'll know that I've got my nose buried in a good book.

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