Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31, 2010

Today I'm thankful for sunshine and swings.

Dave didn't have clinicals tonight, so he called and we set up a picnic time for the park.  After he finished his first set of clinicals, we all met up at one of the Corps parks, so the kids could play and we could spend some family time together. 

The kids bounced from one thing to another with all the joy and abandonment of childhood.

We finally got them settled down enough to eat,

and then they were back to running and playing as hard and as fast as they could go.

Eli was enthralled with his little dessert cake (But who wouldn't be? It's CHOCOLATE!) . . .

and I was wrapped up with photographing the playground equipment.

Both of the kids are dare devils, and I can already feel a heart condition coming on.

I'm glad that they both seem to enjoy swinging. 

And even though I'm old now,

I still enjoy swinging myself!

What a wonderful, wonderful day of sunshine and fun!


  1. What wonderful pictures!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy kids make me happy! That also portrays the way they're being treated by their parents or family. I think you guys are doing an amazing job.

    I think every single shot of today is awesome, love the one with bayleigh swinging high (first shot) and the bubbles on the floor of the spinner.

    Great job as usual.