Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5, 2010

Today I'm thankful for a shake up in my routines.  I've been SO completely focused this year, however, somewhere in all that focusing I've missed out on a few little details.  The last few days have been a little hard on me, due to my OVER focusing.

So today I allowed myself to break some rules. Eli woke me up at 4:30 a.m. So I just got up and put him back to bed.  Then, instead of starting my regular morning routine, I laid down on the couch, covered up and just let my mind go blank.  I completely blew off my morning cardio workout for the first time all year! (I'm thinking about moving it to mid-day, which is when I find my energy dwindling. I'll let you know how THAT works for me.)  And I watched as the Eastern horizon slowly went from black, to a deep pink.  There's something about slowing down and taking time to BREATHE in God's beauty, that just brings my soul great peace.

My morning went wonderfully and instead of following my normal routines, I just sort of went from room to room assessing what needed to be done, then bounced around here and there doing a little at a time.  I got it done, but I didn't get hung up on my perfectionism.  (YAY ME!)

A little package arrived for me, right before Dave headed off for work. 

(*Thank you so very much Susanne! This brightened my day considerably and I can't wait to dig into it all!)

Eli even got in on the fun.  Guess who ate the majority of the Jelly Beans . . .

and got to pop all that cool bubble wrap?

Yeah.  I think the little guy had as much fun opening the package as I did!

While I was bouncing between the tasks of putting my retreat back in order, and editing more photos, Eli brought out one of the scrapbooks.  As I was putting things away, I asked him what his favorite picture was and he replied, "the one with the big belly".

I had NO idea what he was talking about, so he flipped it to the page and showed me.  I couldn't help but laugh.  Then he asked me for the bazillionth time if that was him in my belly, and why did I "eat" him.  I guess I'm going to have to sit him down and have a serious heart to heart with him and see if I can explain things to him in terms he can understand.  Ahhhh . . . the challenges of parenthood.  lol

I finally got Eli settled in for a nap after Bayleigh got home from school.  Then I came upstairs to work on taxes.  Me, my ugly veiny hands and my calculator.  I'm almost done, and I've got my appointment scheduled with my favorite tax lady.  I'll be glad to get this mess off of my desk, so I can clutter it up with more creative things.

I'm thinking a leisurely supper and movies with the kids are in order!  I may even make it to bed at a decent hour. 

(*Did I mention that a stray dog came to visit last night at bedtime?  It was making so much racket on the deck outside that it woke Eli back up, so I headed out in my P.J.'s to wrestle a dog.  I COULD NOT get it to shoo, because it wanted to climb into my lap and lick me in the face. UGH.  Luckily I had an empty kennel.  But the dogs weren't happy about the intruder and howled into the early morning hours.  So glad to know who the dog's owner is now.  If the dog comes back (no matter WHAT time it is), the owner will be getting a phone call.  Heads up Jason!)


  1. Great read. Hopefully you can get your taxes done soon and dig in to that yummy package of creative goodies soon!

  2. That's one beautiful package, I'm sure I'll be seeing some more creativity from you on your other blog soon.

    Whose cute feet are those?

  3. lol . . . Eli's feet as he stomps up and down on the bubbles to make them pop. He's a little stinker.

  4. hahaha, I thought it was.

    It must be a pleasure to be around such great kids.

  5. It really is a pleasure. They are trying at times, but they force me to re-live my childhood whether I want to or not. That CAN'T be bad for me. lol I'm so very blessed to be able to stay home with them and see all their cute antics.

  6. You're really blessed. My son is almost 14, spent the first 8 months with him and then 10 years away and only saw him once again 2 years ago and since then, I've been seeing him every summer (seen him trice in 2 years).

    Long story, might tell you more in an email.

    Heading to bed now because its really late (2am). Goodnight.

  7. Good for Eli. He knows the good stuff when he sees it. Enjoy the goodies when you find time for yourself.