Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010

Today I'm thankful for signs of Spring!  The little seeds that Bayleigh and I planted Saturday are already starting to come up.

When she got off the bus this afternoon she was reading this little book,

and couldn't seem to put it down until she had finished it.  I guess apples don't really fall that far from the tree, huh?

My lilacs are coming along . . .

my daffodils are in full bloom . . .

my forsythia bush is starting to blossom out . . .

and my hyacinths are taking over their alloted flower bed.

The kids and I went for a little walk this afternoon and noticed several trees and plants budding, blooming and preparing for new growth.

The cats followed along, too.  This particular cat is the one that likes to crawl up my pant leg if I stand still for more than a moment.  He's a pest, but he's kind of grown on me.  lol  No pun intended.

I've been suffering with a low grade fever, body aches and nasty headaches for almost two weeks now.  It's just enough to keep me dragging my feet and feeling less than motivated.  I'm hoping I can shake whatever it is and get caught back up with my emails and computer time.  I'm "the mom" and I won't allow myself to get sick!  Especially when it's turning nice outside. 

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  1. Wish you a speedy recovery, maybe you need to have some rest.

    I think the cat don't only love you, but it also loves the camera!