Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 9, 2010

Today I'm thankful for God's strength.  Without it I never would have accomplished all I did today.

I woke up with a goal of catching up on my emails and blogs, and getting my household chores done early in order to take Bayleigh to her school's "Math and Reading" night, tonight.

My well laid plans quickly got derailed, when I found that BOTH kids had wet the bed.  Bayleigh hasn't done something like this in AGES, but I'm guessing with all the activity yesterday, she was probably exhausted and slept right on through.  Eli on the other hand, still wears a pull up to bed, however pull up's have their maximum capacity, too.  Unfortunately, Eli had wet HIS bed, and then snuck in to sleep with us . . . so I ended up re-washing all the bedding (which wasn't in my scheduled plans for the day).

I got Bayleigh ready for school; fixed steel cut oats for the first time this morning (which turned out pretty nasty, as I didn't cook them long enough.); put wood in the stove after Dave left for clinicals; and got to work on the laundry and dishes.  Between loads of laundry, I cleaned all three bathrooms and squeezed in a game of "Memory" with Eli.

He's pretty sharp for a three year old.

Later in the morning, we went out and took care of the puppy dogs.  The weather forecast was calling for thunderstorms, so I thought it would be a good idea to feed the dogs BEFORE the rains came pouring down.  While we were out, I noticed that my Hyacinths were just starting to break through the ground!  Ahhhh, another sign of Spring!

As promised, the rain came down HARD just before it was time for Bayleigh to get home from school.  Luckily it was a quick downpour and had stopped by the time Bayleigh actually got off the bus.

Right after lunch, Eli and I took a shower, and I got him put down for a nap.  I had approximately one and a half hours to get some photos sorted and backed up, and my emails caught up.  So I just jumped in and backed up all my photos, to my external hard drive, while I caught up with my email.  I've decided that my external drive will house ALL the photos I take (the good, the bad, and the terrible), and I'll be backing up the best of the best to thumb drives and DVD's.  I'm also planning on purchasing (or asking "Santa") for a few digital photo frames.  I know I'd enjoy seeing my 365 Project as a running slide show, as I sit working at my desk.  What do you think?

As soon as Bayleigh got home from school, I started making preparations for "Math and Reading" night.  I popped a frozen pizza in the oven (YUCK!), so I could get the kids fed BEFORE we left.  Eli was still napping at this point, so I called my mom to see if she would mind watching him for an hour or so, while Bayleigh and I went to school.  I ended up waking him up, and getting him dressed, and the pizza got done JUST in time.  I packed some up for Eli and grandma, and got Bayleigh fed and we were off!  I dropped Eli and the food off at mom's.

And then Bayleigh and I headed off to school.  She showed me how they did their reading challenges on the computer, which I thought was an amazing process.  We sat at a little table while she read me a book . . .

and then we went to the computer to take the quiz over the book.  Ten out of ten!  She reads and comprehends so well!   From the library, we moved on to the computer room, where they have tons of need educational games for the kids to learn on.  And last but not least, we moved on to the games they had set up in the cafeteria.

She quickly buddied up with her friends Landon and Zane.

And Zane's mom helped them all get setted in with a little game called "Chip-O".  (Thanks Jennifer!)

Needless to say . . . they all had a blast!  I'd say "Math and Reading" night was a big hit, and I appreciate all the work that the faculty went to, to give the kids something fun and educational to look forward to.

It was a very, very, very good day.

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  1. A couple of digital frames would be amazing. Wish I could afford buying you one. Maybe I should tell Santa about it. Maybe you should also buy a usb hard disk, that is what I have and I was lucky to be able to buy it 2 years ago.

    Its great seeing the kids learning and the hyacinth popping through the earth gives me hope that spring is coming.