Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 25, 2009

Bayleigh woke up an hour early this morning, not feeling well. Since Dave and I had dentist appointments at 9:30, we called in to the pediatrician's office and got her scheduled at 10:30. After picking up anti-biotics for an upper respiratory problem/and a possible UTI, we headed south to run some errands.

We spontaneously picked a new restaurant for lunch. Fuji's Japanese Steakhouse.

The kids enjoyed trying out a new drink (Japanese Sprite), and our chef, JOSE was very entertaining.

Nothing like a little cultural diversity, eh? While Bayleigh entertained herself in the bathroom . . .

I did a little of the same, by taking random photos while I was waiting for her to finish taking a bath in the sink.

We finally rounded off the trip home with a beautiful sunset.

I picked up a few gallons of paint at Lowe's and can't wait to see how things come together in my new space.

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