Tuesday, August 4, 2009

July 30, 2009

The exterminator called early this morning saying that he'd be here in a few HOURS. So we all jumped in the shower and packed up for a day of spontaneity. (*I wish I'd taken pictures of Elvis and Miss Kitty in the cage, after I'd risked life and limb catching them, but I was running around trying to get everything ready for the exterminator and it completely slipped my mind. They are both inside kitties and never get to go outside, UNLESS it's exterminator time. They both spaz out and it takes an act of God to catch them both, when they figure out what I'm up to.)

When we finally hit the road, we had no idea what we were going to do for four hours, so we decided to make a trip to Springfield. On the way down the kids fell asleep and Dave and I discussed going to the zoo, but it started raining . . . so I mentioned that we'd never been to Chuck E. Cheese's before . . .

and I happened to have some pretty cool coupons . . .

so we surprised the kids with our first ever Chuck E. Cheese experience for under $30. We rode some rides, played some games, ate pizza and then Eli decided he wanted to go up in the tubes with sissy, but he wanted mommy to come with him. THAT was rather difficult, and I'm sure I probably exceeded the weight limit, but I managed to squeeze my big franny through the tubes and cubbies and come out safely at the other end after several twists and turns through the maze.

After we finished up at Chuck E. Cheese, we headed to Andy's Frozen Custard for dessert . . .

and then we hit Target for a few things. I got these cute little bins for Bayleigh's room. (*They were on sale! Who can resist a SALE?!)

I can't wait to get her room completely decorated and organized! It's getting there one step at a time and I think it's coming together nicely!

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