Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10, 2010

Today I'm thankful for SUNSHINE, and a little warmer weather.  You'll probably see a theme in my photos today . . .

as I was soaking up all the sun I could. 

Our garden is looking a little barren right at the moment, but in a few more months, it will have a completely new look.  (Or at least I HOPE it will.)

I spent most of the day vegging in front of the computer . . . catching up on emails, blogs, photo editing and such; so this afternoon I took the kids out to play for a while.

There was no school again today, but it looks like we'll be heading back tomorrow.  (Both of my parents drive buses and I'm sure they've been enjoying their days off.) 

We walked over to their house, through the milo field, and ended up heading home at the perfect time.

The sun seemed so vibrant coming through the stalks of milo . . .

It was SO good to be out soaking it all up.

I was lucky enough to get a shot of one of the mud puddles just before Eli tromped through it, shattering the image into a million tiny pieces.  God surrounds us with so much beauty, but sometimes in the busyness of life, we just don't take the time to stop and admire it.

(*Hassan ~ My favorite shots of the day are #4 and #6.  But please feel free to choose whichever one you like.)


  1. Usually, sun after a storm means COLD temperatures! But I'll take it over gloomy days! Great pictures!

  2. Life is full of beauty and you portray them well in your photo. Our choice is slightly different again, but almost the same. Mine is the sunset but the last one.

    I'll take that into consideration..

  3. O this is wonderful!!! iam ready for sunshine too!!!

  4. Love the pictures! Glad you took the day and spent it with your babies. I miss mine that are grown and off on their own......