Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010

Today I'm grateful for my morning Pilates.  At 5:00 a.m., it's just the boost I need to get me moving.

When I looked outside this morning, I could see that it was snowing.  They ended up calling school off, so I let Bayleigh sleep in.

As soon as both kids were up and running around, I started laundering all the bedding, while Bayleigh brought out the blocks to play with.

Not to be outdone . . . Eli quickly jumped in with his own blocks.

I helped him build a castle . . .

while Bayleigh built the tallest tower.

It seems like they've always got to be competing with each other!

My Husky, Ike, loves this weather.  I'm dreading what Summer will do to him.  He's going to be 14 years old very soon, and he has arthritis in his back and hips.  The past 6 months haven't been good on him, but with medication, he's almost like a puppy again.  He's such a sweet dog, but I know that he won't be with us for much longer.  It breaks my heart to see him aging.  It seems like only yesterday, that he was a feisty little puppy.

It continued to snow throughout the day, so I only ventured out to take care of the animals, and put wood in the stove.  It was a good day to be inside, cleaning.

I tackled some of the misc. items that I display in the kitchen.  They're just on open shelves and they get grimy and yucky pretty quickly, as they are displayed over the cooking area.  This particular Red Wing Pottery bowl was my grandma's.  It brings back lots of good memories of helping grandma make bread in her kitchen when I was very small.  I seem to have a fondness for pottery like this.  Something handcrafted basically from clay, or a similar substance . . . formed and shaped into a work of art.  Some day I would like to try my hand at making pottery.  

In the meantime, I'll continue taking photos and documenting my "oh so exciting" life.


  1. Wow, the eyes of you husky freaks me out, its cute and fierce at the same time. The angle of the photo above the one with the husky makes that shot very special. All in all, you take great pictures.

    Note: Unfortunately, I couldn't take your photos into account yesterday while selecting my favorite followers photo of the day and might not be able to take these photos into account again today because I don't know what your favorite photo is (SORRY).