Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 27, 2010

Today I'm thankful for play dates.  We had a great basketball practise this morning.

The highschool basketball coach came down to give the kids some new drills to practise on;

and they were all eager to learn!

I thought with all the running and jumping that Bayleigh would be tired,

but earlier in the morning we'd set up a play date with her oldest friend, Ella.

The girls played "Ponies", made bead necklaces, played hide and seek and did their best to play nicely with Eli.  It was so fun having Miss Ella join us today, and next Saturday Bayleigh gets to go over to Ella's house after ball practise.  I'm sure they'll both be looking forward to next Saturday all week long!

I managed to get caught up on the kitchen cleaning while the girls were playing, and then I sorted more photos.  I'm really going to be thrilled when I get through this next bunch of photos, but I'm thinking I may need to order a few more "storage binders".  Especially after I start printing out all my digital photos . . . YIKES!  There may not be enough storage binders in the WORLD.  I'd better get started scrapbooking or purging LOTS of photos!

Since neither child got a nap today, I'm hoping to get them (and myself) off to bed a little early tonight.  I'm completely worn out!

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  1. I makes me happy seeing the kids enjoying their time. Love the shot from the back of the coaches and bayleigh shooting.

    Great photos!