Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 11, 2010

Today I'm grateful for the drive to get things done.  I started a new cardio workout this morning, and I can honestly say that Jillian Michaels kicked my rear.  Fifteen hours later and my body is still screaming in places that I never knew existed.  So much for thinking I was in pretty good shape . . . Tomorrow I'm switching back to Pilates to give my aching muscles a rest.

The sunrise was absolutely gorgeous this morning.

It lasted all of MAYBE five minutes,

and never did truly break over the tree line;

but the colors were phenomenal.

After I got Bayleigh off to school, I did a little housework, and then decided to let my screaming muscles rest, by vegging on the couch with Eli.  I think we watched every episode of Umizoomi this morning, before I headed upstairs to download my class materials for Library of Memories.  While I was printing off handouts and assignments, I glanced at the little (ginormous) pile of floppy discs sitting next to my desk, and decided to see if anything was really on them, that was worth saving.  I was hooked after the first floppy . . . and ended up moving all the files worth saving, to my computer. 

Lots and lots of photos from the original home remodel back in 2002-2003, baby pictures of Bayleigh, pictures of my horses, and so many pictures from back before children; thanks to my first digital camera (a 1 mega pixel Sony Mavica that took a floppy disc), I had several old photos worth saving.  The photos are mostly poor quality (which is why I stuck mainly with my Pentax 35mm) but they are memories none the less, and maybe someday I can salvage some of them.

I just have a few more floppy's to go through and then I can pitch this huge pile and move on to the CD's.  But I HAD to take a break and play a game of Monopoly with my oldest.  She wasn't too happy about that last move, but in the end I'm sure she finished it out in her favor, while I fixed supper.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I have a few more photos to experiment with tonight.  So I'm off!

(*I can't really pin point a favorite today . . . none of them are really stellar, but I think I'll go with #3.)


  1. Gorgeous colors, Kyla! Which Jillian M workout are you doing? I have her 30 day shred and Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism. They are both great!

  2. I'll have to be sincere that I've never seen a sunrise from the ground before, have seen it a couple of time through a plane's window.

    I personally love the landscape photo.