Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 25, 2010

Today I'm thankful for after lunch naps.  I've been SO tired the past few weeks.  Now that Bayleigh has finally gotten over her fears of the dark and is sleeping through the night, Eli has been making trips to our room in the middle of the night.  Depending on how tired we are, Dave or I either take him back to bed, or he ends up sleeping with us for the rest of the night.  It wouldn't be that bad, but the boy kicks like a MULE.

Dave is enjoying his new mixer.  He made pizza dough today, and the pizzas turned out wonderful for dinner this evening.

After my after-lunch nap with Eli, I folded laundry and did some room re-arranging.  Bayleigh has been begging for the shelf that I had put together for my retreat, and since it's a hair too tall to line up with the rest of my storage cubes, I decided to surprise her and move it to her room.  I think it looks great and she is now in a cleaning and purging mood, so her room will be "perfect".  My obsessive compulsiveness must be rubbing off on her.

When I ran out to get her off the bus, I heard a rustling in the leaves by the driveway.  I looked over and low and behold!  An armadillo!  He had dug holes all over the yard around my forsythia bush.  This is the closest I've ever been to one.  As soon as I got Bayleigh off the bus, we both ran in the house and I grabbed my camera and my .22 rifle.  I would have got a picture of the LIVE critter, but it was getting away, so I had to opt for shooting him with the rifle first.  It was actually kind of cute, but the destruction it left behind will take me quite a while to repair.

I've shot more critters this year than I have in my whole life!  I'm not a murderer . . . really I'm not.

After Bayleigh got home and we disposed of the armadillo, we went out to do some more yard clean-up.  Another truck load of left over siding and JUNK went to the dump.

I think Eli likes riding in the old truck.  (The seat is really comfy and it bounces alot when you go over a bump.)

This was the only item of interest I found to shoot, while we were unloading everything.  An old hub cap.

After we got home from unloading everything, Dave made pizza, while I finished up my layout for the day and caught up on my blogs. 

Now I'm off to play a game of chess with the oldest, before bathing the kids and putting them to bed.  It's been a wonderful day!

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  1. The first shot is really amazing and the second shot is very sad.

    I so like the first shot that I considered adding it as the shot of the day, but unfortunately, a shot of another follower eventually made it instead.

    Like the photo of the truck too.

    Good job!