Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26, 2010

Today I am thankful to get back in the swing of things.  I've taken the last two days off from housework, so I did a detailed maintenance cleaning today to get everything back in order.  And then . . .

I thought I'd drag my photos downstairs to start to work on Lesson #2 of the Library of Memories class.  (We're actually on Lesson #3 this week, but I'm behind . . . as usual.)

I purged all the photos above.  They were either blurry, duplicates or photos I would never consider scrapbooking.  I cringe at the money I wasted on processing.  EGADS!  The majority of these, will be passed along to grandparents and relatives.  So maybe it's not a TOTAL waste.

Several of those photos came out of these little books; which are now empty.

And the photos that I kept?  They all fit nicely into this little album with room to spare!  I know as I move on to sorting things into category drawers and cold storage, this album will empty quickly.

School got out early today, and mom came over to watch the kids while I ran to town to pick up her prescription at the pharmacy, and get a few groceries.

After I returned home I got so wrapped up in sorting, purging and filing that I almost forgot to do my layout for the day!  But I finally finished it and now I'm ready for some sleep.

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  1. That's a huge amount of photos. Don't think I have one percent of those.

    You're one busy lady ;)