Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23, 2010

Today I'm thankful for a day of very little housework.  The daily cleaning schedule that I've come up with, has made cleaning the house and keeping it clean, a snap.  So it's afforded me a little time to play hooky from it all.  And that's exactly what I did today!

I got up and did my Pilates, then headed upstairs to catch up on emails and blogs.  Of course, I had to wake Bayleigh up and get her ready for school, and throw in a load of dishes, but after that, the day was mine.

Eli came upstairs with me and completely destroyed my retreat, while I worked away on the computer.  Editing photos (I finally finished up with January!); catching up on blog posts that I'd fallen behind on;  catching up on emails that were sadly neglected;  and paying bills. 

I did manage to squeeze in some playtime with Eli . . .

and after Bayleigh got home from school, we played a nice long game of chess.  She's really getting quite good at it, and before long she'll be cleaning me out.

I've pretty much decided that March will be my month to "FOCUS" on photo editing and my Library of Memories class, with a little home improvement thrown in for good measure.  I MUST get all these photos in order.  So I've decided, now that I'm caught up with January, to start at the present and move backwards.  I'm thinking March is going to be a VERY busy month.  I have FIVE years of digital photos to weed through.  Wish me luck!

(I'm liking #3 the best out of these few shots.)

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  1. I wish you all the best with the photo weeding. I hope you get through it because the more you wait, the more the photos increase.

    I sorted mine 2 months ago and I'll soon start sorting the new ones again.

    This I mention that the photos are awesome?