Monday, February 15, 2010

February 15, 2010

Today I am thankful for changes.   First of all, for the changes that I've implemented in my life the past few months, and my commitment to FOCUSING on simplifying my life and putting first things first.

After braving Jillian Michael's "30 Day Shred" again today, I jumped into the housework and got quite a bit done.  School was cancelled today, due to more snow, so after I finished my chores, I took Bayleigh out for a trek through the woods.

I've been meaning to visit this particular spot for quite some time, but just haven't had the opportunity.  I spent many a day laying across this old rock, listening to the creek gurgle when I was younger . . . and I spent hours tromping through these woods in search of new treasures, new sights, new sounds and new textures.  This was my favorite "thinking" spot.

Today the creek was cold and icy, with the snow blowing in all directions.

It amazes me, how water can seemingly freeze like this in thin air.

I'm glad to see that Bayleigh seemed to like this spot too.

Maybe when she's a little older, she'll visit it like I used to do in my younger years.

On our way back from the creek, we tried to search out unique things.  This bright yellow, immediately jumped out at me . . .

but I ALMOST missed this little jewel, hidden away in the cedars.  I'm guessing that this was one of my grandpa's old tractors.  An old Fordson.  Even though it hasn't been used in eons, it still shows a lot of character.

On the way back home, Bayleigh and I stopped to visit my mom, and Bayleigh stayed there for the rest of the afternoon.  After I got back to the house, Eli wanted to go help daddy cut wood, and I went with them so I could watch Eli while Dave cut wood.

The cows weren't impressed by our arrival.

So to keep Eli occupied, we walked through the trees to the pond.

I picked a "cattail" for him to play with, but he soon got cold and we headed back to the truck.

We made it back to the truck just in time to help Dave load the wood. 

This day started out pretty rough . . . with a broken bowl, and a runaway three year old, but I'm happy to say it ended on a much better note.

Here is one of Bayleigh's pictures from our trek through the woods:

She comes up with her very own unique perspective, and I love to encourage her.  She was using my back-up camera . . . an old Nikon Coolpix 4600.  She got a focused picture of the reflection in the creek, and me walking by her side.  I'm so proud of her and glad she likes to take pictures too.

(I can't even begin to pick a favorite here . . . but Bayleigh's photo is pretty close to the top.  I'm also liking that bright spot of yellow in the midst of all the browns and whites.)


  1. Absolutely beautiful scenery wonderfully captured. Your daughter's photo is beautiful!

  2. I'm tired of seeing snow, so I'll go for Eli's close up and that yellow thing.

    Both photos are amazing.

    Thanks for sharing your today's story.