Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11, 2010

Today I'm thankful for sunshine after the storms. 

This morning, I wasn't sure if the sun would stay out or not, but it ended up warming up nicely, after yesterdays cold snap.

I spent most of the afternoon setting up the wireless mouse for my Mac, and figuring out how to operate some of the basics, while I transferred and copied files from one external drive to another.  I LOVE my Mac!

Bayleigh told me that she had baseball practise tonight, and I found out differently after I drove all the way to school.  I had dropped Eli off at mom's, and she already had company.  It seems like poor little Kasey is dumped off on my mom, whenever it suits either or both of her parents.  But at least when she's at mom's house, she gets the attention she craves.

And when I dropped back by to pick up Eli on the way home, both kids begged to stay and visit for awhile.  So I let them visit while I went to the house to fix supper.  (Bayleigh lost another tooth at school yesterday and the Tooth Fairy even left her a note this time!)  After supper was ready, I went over and picked up the kids . . .

and snapped a few shots of mom's flowers.

Her rose bush smells heavenly!

It looks like after the nice day we had, we're in for another round of thunderstorms tonight and I'm running low on steam from being up most of the night with Eli.  I'm hoping that since he didn't take a nap today, he'll sleep peacefully tonight.

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  1. Nice to hear that you're making progress with your MAC book.

    I'm also very impressed with the second shot, it is well composed and colors are great.

    So, another tooth gone, but luckily the tooth fairy did her job this time ;)