Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 3, 2010

Today I'm thankful for sunny skies, warm weather and having Dave back home on a more regular basis.

While Dave weed eated around the house this morning, I cleaned all the bedrooms, and did laundry.  And right after lunch, he took Eli to pick up some concrete blocks, which left me free to do my second workout of the day in peace . . .

and enjoy the great outdoors . . .

while I was mowing the lawn.

It was starting to look like a jungle out here.

I finished up right before they got back home, and just before Bayleigh got off of the bus.

Eli was excited to show me his red tongue and tell me about his adventures riding a horse, at the farm that Dave had picked the blocks up at.  He was so excited I couldn't get a good shot!  lol

While Dave was getting things prepared to take the kids to the park, I took Eli around the yard pointing out a few plants . . . like my Crepe Myrtle that is starting to green up; and then they were all off and running again. 

I grabbed a shower, and got out just in time for the insurance adjuster to show up regarding our hail damage; and was busy helping him until a few minutes before Dave and the kids got home.  I had hoped to squeeze my layout in while everyone was gone, but I managed to muddle through it right before supper.

Another crazy, busy day . . . but it was oh, so nice to have a little break from my parenting duties today. 

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