Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 29, 2010

Today I'm thankful for children.  Life would be rather dull and unexiting without them.

I had planned on catching up with some sleep this weekend, but apparently everyone else has other plans for me.  Like babysittting my niece . . . which I don't mind doing at all.  I'd just like some advance notice, if you know what I mean.  (HELLO!  I have a phone, and you have my number . . . a little jingle ahead of time would be nice, little bro.)

The girls reaped the benefit of my morning cleaning spree.  Kasey has been dying to scrapbook, but hasn't had any photos to scrapbook with, so I let her and Bayleigh go through my "throw aways", and they both found several pictures of themselves, along with some flowers and horses to scrapbook with.  I also found some empty photo albums and I gave two to each of the girls to put their "to be scrapbooked" photos in.  You'd have thought they'd both died and gone to heaven.

And did I mention cleaning spree?  Let me make you all feel better here . . . see the above and below photos?  Yeah.  Aren't you glad this isn't your house?!  lol

I had one goal today.  The file cabinet that I was going to keep in my retreat to store photos in, just didn't fit the way I'd hoped, so I planned on moving it to the spare bedroom.  However, when I opened the door I stepped into a hot mess.  The kids have obviously been playing in here and re-arranging things.

So before I could move the file cabinet, I had some cleaning to do.

I did manage to get a good portion of it done, but I still have a ways to go.

I DID get the file cabinet moved.  I just have a few odds and ends to put away, and a springy horse to return to it's owner.  (Kasey let us borrow it for Bayleigh and Eli, since she didn't like it.)  And I found some more stuff to move on to another home.  It will be nice to get this room back in order again! 

There now . . . don't you feel much better knowing how awful my house gets?


  1. Exactly what I sometimes think "we're in the 21st century and I've got a phone and always available, so why not give me a call in advance". Anyways, that's part of life.

    I'm happy that's not my home, wow, that requires hours of cleaning "respect" for your patience and energy.

    I wish you order and peace ;)

  2. lol . . . thanks M. I can use all the order and peace I can get! ;)