Monday, May 10, 2010

May 9, 2010

Today I'm thankful for little ones.  They are such a bright spot in the Sunday School service.

They keep themselves entertained in the funniest ways . . .

and even the older ones join in the fun.

Mother's Day always reminds me of flowers . . .

Irises blooming . . .

in all kinds of different colors . . .

and all in one little group.

I've heard that in time, they will all take on one color . . . so I may have to transplant the few yellow, and purple and white one's, so they don't take over the dominant purple color.

I got this little beauty for my own mom.  A hanging Begonia.  I loved the bright oranges and reds of this mix and I know mom will enjoy it too.

For my own Mother's Day, I received cards from Dave and each of the kids, along with some chocolates.  (They know me so well!)  My mom also got me some Vanilla Marigolds.  It looks like, as soon as the rains stop, I'll be out planting some flowers! 

My day was spent doing laundry and dishes and I tried to squeeze in a nap, but it just wasn't meant to be.  I'm going to have to start locking my doors and unplugging the phones if I want any semblance of peace.  I'm glad that everyone feels like they can make themselves at home here . . . but sometimes it really cramps my style.


  1. At first I thought something was wrong with Eli's head, but noticed that it was just a reflection after I enlarged the shot.

    Your pictures have added more spring to my day, thanks for that..

  2. lol . . . that reflection was pretty bad. I couldn't get a good angle and still capture the grins on both kids faces, so I just took the shot. I'm glad I did, anyway . . . maybe I can learn photoshop well enough to fix that reflection. ;)

    Hope you're having a good day!

  3. I'm also very bad with Photoshop, but I think you'll have to do some cloning by using the clone stamp..

    My day was OK, but you'll know much after reading my blog later ;)