Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5, 2010

Today I'm thankful for little breaks in a busy day. 

I ended up taking Bayleigh to school today, and stopping by the band director's office to photograph a few instruments before heading home.  I also had a hair appointment scheduled after lunch.  Above is my "before" shot.  Looking pretty shaggy, huh?

While I was busy taking pictures at school, Dave was off to meet with Human Resources regarding his placement after graduation.  It looks like he'll be working in one of the local clinics and doing some time in the urgent care facility.  I know he's been anxious about all this stuff, and it's finally coming to an end.  He's not going to know what to do with himself, working "banker's hours".

After my hair appointment, I squeezed in my layout for the day; and then when Bayleigh got home from school we headed south to meet up with Dave's folks at Bass Pro.

I love their decor.  So many cool decorating ideas.  Like these shotgun shells lining the base of their bathroom sinks.  Pretty cool.

I'm also fond of the turtles. 

At least they stand still for photos, without complaining about me taking their pictures.

Ahhh . . . and here's my "after" photo.  You can't really tell much in this one, but I had a ton whacked off and it's now out of my face. 

I figured while I was waiting for everyone in the bathroom . . . I'd take a few fun shots.  I love taking pictures of others in a mirror while they're not paying any attention to me. It makes for a more "real" photo.

After we goofed around at Bass Pro we headed out to eat.  I happened to notice this sign and thought it was a pretty innovative use of the number 2.  And that dude rubbing his eyes in the van . . . that's how I'm feeling right about now.

I'm glad we weren't lined up in traffic on the way back home.  (That was the OTHER lane.)  We finally made it home about 10:45 p.m. and I got the kids off to bed so I could do a little catching up.

I ended up breaking my glasses again today, so I'm stuck with contacts until I can get them fixed.  Dave picked me up a six month's supply of contacts so I may just wear them for a while.  It's easier to take pictures with contacts, than with glasses.  ;)

It looks like I'm squeaking by under the wire tonight.  It's not quite midnight!  However, tomorrow promises to be another long day.  A field trip with the 1st grade class . . . maybe I should be sleeping . . . lol!

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  1. I wish Dave all the best. The shotgun shells are an amazing idea, love that!

    Aha, I see a self portrait, its been a while since I saw one of you, looking good.

    I also love the night shot a lot.. Sad to hear about your glasses though, hope you replace them on time.