Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 22, 2010

Today I'm thankful for friends, neighbors, family and our wonderful little community.

Today's cake walk turned out better than I'd expected. 

We didn't have a huge turn-out, but we had LOTS of cakes and desserts.  I ended up selling the left overs for a $1.00 each and the 4-H kids ended up making a little pocket change for their projects.

After all this unseasonably cool weather, today turned out to be a scorcher!  As soon as I got home from the community festivities, I changed into my cut off''s for the first time this spring!  Today officially marks "cut off's" weather.

The kids and I laid down and took a nice nap this afternoon.  No sooner did we wake up, than the phone was ringing.  The preacher and his wife wanted to come over and visit, so I had to do some quick clean up from this mornings messes.  We all had a nice visit.

The kids have been fed and bathed and I'm letting them stay up late to watch movies.  I have a LOT of catching up to do, so I'm sure it will be past midnight before I finally make it to bed.  I guess that's nothing unusual though.  Maybe I can get the schedules re-arranged NEXT week, to see if I can actually squeeze in a mid-day nap each day. 

I'm an early morning person . . . but I'm a night owl too.  I find that an after lunch nap helps me attain the best of both worlds.

I still have a layout to finish and some Bible study to catch up on tonight . . . hoping to squeeze everything in before turning in.

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