Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 18, 2010

Today I'm thankful for the ability to keep my head, and grit my teeth when things hit level "red". 

I woke up to another foggy morning.

But the SUN actually came and visited us today, so I didn't waste any time getting a few photos outdoors!

After I got Bayleigh off to school, and threw the first load of dishes in to wash; I opened up the blinds on the East side of the family room, sat down in my favorite overstuffed chair, and just sat for an hour soaking up the sunshine with Eli.  It was nice to just blank everything out for a little while.

But alas . . . all good things must come to an end!  I cleaned all three bathrooms, and got a jump start on my kitchen chores for tomorrow . . . then we all bundled into the Jeep to pick Bayleigh up from her last day of Basketball Camp.

Since we had to be back at the school in an hour for her first baseball game, we just decided to stop at Mr. Ed's for a bite to eat.

I always love going in and soaking up their cafe decor . . .

After we fueled up on food and ice cream, we headed back to school for the game!

Bayleigh worked up quite a thirst with all the running she was doing.

She had a few really good hits . . .

and did a great job of hustling after the ball.  We're proud of her!

After we all got home, it didn't take Bayleigh long to fall asleep.  I headed upstairs to download my photos and add some other programs to my Mac, but of course, nothing had to be easy tonight. 

My PC is on the verge of maximum capacity.  I removed several programs this morning, but when I tried to download my photos, I didn't have enough space.  So I ended up backing up photos to my external drive, and deleting them all off of my PC's internal hard drive.  I was FINALLY able to download my photos for the day, and get my blog updated.  (I also managed to finish my layout for the day and get it posted by the deadline.)  I'll have to do some serious re-vamping tomorrow.  (I'm thinking a total system restore might be in the works . . .)

As for my Mac . . . I inserted a CD to install a new program and the CD is now stuck in the CD drive.  I guess I'll be calling tech support tomorrow to see if they have any pointers, or if I need to take it in and have it physically removed.  *sigh*  It's just been one of those nights. 

Tomorrow is a new day and I refuse to get upset over things that are out of my control.  I'll just concentrate on the things I CAN control and continue to move forward until I hit the next obstacle.  Onward I go!


  1. It always amazes me how you are able to post on your blog so faithfully every day! :-)

  2. It's not always easy, but I've made it a priority and try not to get more than a few days behind. It actually doesn't take me that long (on a normal day).

    Thanks for stopping by! ;)