Friday, December 25, 2009

December 21, 2009

And today we shopped . . . but first we headed out to Bayleigh's favorite restaurant for some grub.

Then we split up into pairs;  Dave with Eli and I with Bayleigh, and set off to have some fun. 

And yes . . . I do some pretty silly things.  (Like stick my head under the bathroom dryers, so it makes all the flappy skin on my face do weird things.  But I make sure no one else is in the rest room when I do it.  Bayleigh gets a huge kick out of it.)

It's AMAZING the kind of response you get from people when you point a camera at them.  Most of the people I encountered today freaked out and turned the other way.  (*Note to self:  When going Christmas shopping take your camera and make sure to point it at everyone.  They'll clear a path faster than if you had pointed a gun at them.)

Speaking of guns . . . Target was NOT the place to be today.  It was completely packed.  (*Another note to self:  Do my Christmas shopping early next year.)

I think we spent the most time in Toys R Us.  We couldn't decide whether to get more track for Eli's exsisting train track, or start him up fresh with some GeoTrax, so we picked up a little of both.

And I don't know HOW she does this, but shopping must have the same effect on her as it does me.  It was a long day, but at least we got the majority out of the way.  I'm sure we've probably forgotten something, but there's plenty of time to pick up last minute gifts . . . isn't there?

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