Friday, December 11, 2009

December 9, 2009

Last night the wind blew so hard, I thought the roof might come off the house, but by morning it had dropped from tornadic, to a stiff cold whistling breeze.  A REALLY cold breeze.

I woke at my usual time, and had just laid down on the couch for some Bible reading, when the electricity went out.  I have to admit that I'm one of those people who take electricity for granted.  My world revolves around it.  Literally.  Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher, Vacuum, Running Water . . . Yeah!  That's pretty much my life.  Oh!  And the computer . . . I can't download photos without electricity!

Did I mention it's 10 times harder to get a kid ready for school, when there is no electricity?   The kids didn't let that little fact get in the way of their snow-watching, though.  I'm glad they're adaptable.

Unfortunately, the electricity was on again, off again for most of the morning and into the afternoon.  Dave had a school paper due, and we ended up having to run in to the library for him to use the library's computer to send it. 

On the way to the library, Bayleigh started reading one of her "Chapter Books".  I'm VERY proud of her reading skills, and she is determined to read all the big words by herself.  She'll be reading her own bedtime stories VERY soon.

After we finished up at the library we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a "few" things, which ended up being a cart full . . .

but we should have enough ice cream to get me through the rest of the week now.

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  1. How exciting for Bayleigh to be on the cusp of reading her very own books! I'm such a bookwork ... it warms my heart to see another potential bookwork coming up in the ranks! :)