Friday, December 4, 2009

December 3, 2009

Spent more time on clean-up and maintaining today. I also spent a good portion of the morning catching up on my BPS classes. Reclaiming My Time starts today and I'm really in need of reclaiming a good hunk of my time, instead of frittering it away.

Speaking of frittering away time . . . this little girl is the QUEEN! She got me up at 4:00 this morning, and then fell back to sleep on the couch. When it was time to get ready for school, she was whiny and tired and VERY uncooperative. I basically had to dress her like a baby. She's going through this phase of not wanting to wear jeans. She wants to wear jogging pants and loose clothing, so she can run and play in comfort, which I can't say I blame her for . . . however, we have several nice pieces of clothing that I'm going to make sure she wears at least ONCE before she outgrows them.

I think Bayleigh would take Butterball EVERYWHERE, if it was permissible. Since her disappearance and reappearance, they've been inseparable. The poor kitty might run away again, just to get some peace!

And we were going to have "Frogs on a Log" for an appetizer tonight, but someone ate all the olives . . .

Olive You Too Little Man!

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