Friday, December 11, 2009

December 8,2009

Today, Dave and I had plans to pick up the two free basketball goals (for Bayleigh) that Dave had found through work.  I had also set up an appointment at the vet's for Elvis, to see if he might possibly have a UTI.  He's been blowing hot and cold with the litter box lately and Dave is just about ready to shoot him. 

When we got up, it was raining, SUPER windy and so cold it hurt to breathe, so Dave cancelled out on the basketball goal pick-up, and I took Elvis to the vet in crappy weather, by myself.  On the way down, I was seriously wondering if the cat was really worth all the trouble . . .

And when I finally made it to the vet (30 minutes LATE), I ended up spending $70 for an x-ray, only to find out that whatever his problem is . . . it's behavioral.  Apparently SOMETHING is stressing him out.  GEE! Let's see if I can narrow it down.  Possibly a three year old who likes to jump in the middle of him while he sleeps?  A six year old who thinks it's funny to scare him and chase him all over the house?  A new home addition?  OH, the possibilities are endless.  The vet gave me a book to read on this particular situation, and come to find out, I've been doing everything WRONG.  So, we'll start out by moving the food dish and water away from the litter box area, and see how that goes.  Then we'll move on to the UNSCENTED litter.  Sheesh . . . a bi-polar kitty.  What's the world coming too!   Aw well!  Since I was already out and about and had to pass by the Scrap Nook on the way back home anyway, I decided to make a stop.  I ended up buying a few items for my "Reclaiming My Time" class, and ended up walking out the door with $20 worth of products and a $25 Gift Card, for reaching a certain dollar amount in purchases.  Merry Christmas to me!

The drive home was MUCH nicer.  Temps still hovered around freezing point, but I made it home without incident, after making a third stop at the grocery store.  At least Elvis didn't yowl all the way home, like he did on the trip to the vet's.  There is absolutely nothing more pathetic!

I made it home right before dad left on his bus route.  Then I dove into the laundry and dishes.  I swear it's never-ending.  It's so good to be home, though.

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