Friday, December 25, 2009

December 22, 2009

Eli was up ALL night last night.  Sore throat and a croupie cough.  So I finally just gave up on any semblance of sleep at around 4:30.

 While Eli rested on the couch.  Dave and Bayleigh made cookies, and I cleaned.  (Do you see a pattern here?  Dave gets to do a lot of the "FUN" stuff with the kids, and I get to stay up with the sick kids and clean.  Maybe we can trade places soon.)

Bayleigh loves to help bake/cook.  I'm glad she's such a good little helper (although from all the impatient grumbling from the kitchen area, it sounded like she was more hindrance than help today).

She's still showing some signs of attitude, but she's gotten MUCH better, since she's been on break.  Now if we can just get her lined completely back out before her Christmas break is over . . .  HA!

We only snagged a few bites of this batch of sugar cookies and the rest, Dave took to the hospital.  This batch was for a benefit, to raise money for one of Dave's co-workers.  Her little girl had been in a nasty car accident last week, and thankfully things are looking better.

I thought it was very sweet for Bayleigh to color her a picture . . . and we all hope that she DOES get well soon.  My girl has a big heart . . . when she decides to use it.

(*On another note . . . Dave finally caught our elusive possum out on the deck before he left to drop off the cookies at the hospital.  Maybe Bayleigh will sleep good tonight.)

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