Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 1, 2009

We had a beautiful sunrise this morning. I caught a few pics in my side view mirror before heading off to the dentist's office.

I really have no fondness for these tools of torture . . .

but I have to admit they make interesting photo subjects.

Just so long as they are no where near my mouth.

While Dave was getting HIS teeth cleaned, Eli and I dropped by Wal-Mart to pick up the few meager groceries I had on my list. While I was picking up the milk, I noticed the reduced bakery items on a rack by the coolers. I snagged a pre-made pizza crust for $1.50, and a few fixin's.

On the way home, inspiration struck, and I decided for my Holiday's in Hand project . . . for the "MAKE" section, we'd make Christmas pizza for supper. Bayleigh used the Christmas cookie cutters on the deli ham . . . while I ran outside to get a picture of the moon. (And yes, I know this doesn't have squat to do with making pizza.)

(Okay . . . I'm back!) The pizza turned out really cute, and Bayleigh had fun "helping" me. This will be a project we'll be doing again, I believe! (We also added pepperoni, black olives and lots of cheese, before popping it in the oven.)

After supper, we tried out a new treat. Red bananas from Costa Rico. A little different, but good none the less!

While I was trying to play catch up on email, Eli tortured Dave. I'm not sure if this was very conductive to Dave doing his homework, though.

A busy day of ups and downs. Amidst all the regular family chaos, my favorite little black kitten went missing. I'm looking forward to putting this day behind me and moving on to the next!

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